Spider Control – BY Kyle Harvey

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Spider Control

BY Kyle Harvey

A hearty hello from your local pest management professionals here at Crown Pest Control! You have to love this hot summer weather and all the good vibes that it brings. On the other hand: billions and billions of bugs everywhere. Well, it only makes sense that as the summertime energizes the insect world into full swing we also start to see nature’s own web slinging insect avengers, the spiders.

While not part of a dynamite superhero team nor dressed in a snazzy costume, spiders are for the most part extremely beneficial bugs. In a way they act as crowd control on the insect world, never letting things get out of hand, or web, so to speak. We do have reasons to fear them in our part of the world, namely the frighteningly named Black Widow and the even more deadly Brown Recluse. However please keep in mind that verified Brown Recluse spider sightings here in Charlotte have been extremely rare. That particular spider is just not naturally native to this area, fortunately for us. Black Widows however are relatively common. They will stay low to the ground in natural clutter such as old wood piles or often we find them under vinyl siding or in dark corners of garages. The bites can be very painful, although there have not been any fatal bites. While other spiders may resemble a Black Widow in body shape, they are not the same spider and pose no threat. A Black Widow will always always always be shiny black with bright red markings, sometimes racing stripes, sometimes dots in arrangement, and often in the well known hourglass shape.

It is very common at homes that have a lot of traditional harborages for a plethora of insects on the outside of the home will be natural locations for spiders to set up shop. They are very intelligent and will look to put their webs near trees and bushes, light fixtures, and just about anywhere that bugs will be traveling across or be attracted to. One of the main benefits of a solid pest control program is that by our targeted applications for the insects and integrated pest management recommendations for homeowners will in turn yield a high drop off rate of the occurrence of spider webs and spider intrusion into the home.

Beyond traditional insect control, we also focus on mechanical take down of unsightly spider webs as high as our dewebbing poles will extend and in some cases an application of botanical products will greatly help to see an immediate reduction in spider populations. One aspect that makes spider control more challenging is that unlike traditional insect behavior, spiders will not groom themselves and thus the potential of the pesticides residual ability to enter the insects body is reduced. However the application of botanical products provides out technicians with some of nature’s own arsenal in spider and insect repellance and elimination: essential oils such as cedar, rosemary, lemonpepper, etc. Spiders simply can’t stand the stink and will move on to a different location.

If it is spiders you are having problems with or other any other kind of insect pest, call us at Crown Pest Control to set up a service with one of our experienced technicians to handle any and all buggy situations. Thanks and have a great summer! Stay cool and take care!

How to Get Rid of Freaking Ants in the House

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Kyle Harvey

Hey folks, one proven way to know it is the spring and summer is when you step out on your deck to enjoy the wonderful weather and gaze upon your awesome yard in your sweet neighborhood and what do you see in this glorious time of year? FREAKING LOTS OF ANTS. OK, maybe you don’t, but trust me, in the trees and bushes and hiding under pine needles and landscaping around your home there indeed are FREAKING LOTS OF ANTS.

First off we see our super duper friends the teensy tiny Black Ants are marching one behind another across your yard and landscaping and up they go right into your home! Wait…you mean they aren’t your super duper friends? Yeah they really act like it though don’t they? Getting all over your kitchens and bathrooms, poking their antenna into all your food. And never once do they contribute to the grocery bill or rent, what the heck! Jerks. Your finger of doom and can of raid smashes and blasts the ones in your home to oblivion, and their reply? They respond with 20 more for every 1 you kill is about the correct ratio I have noticed.

Next let’s say you go out to enjoy your freshly mowed yard, playing catch with junior–and next thing you know, your leg is on fire, or worse, your children are getting eaten up…by the venomous and super aggressive fire ants! Get attacked and stung too often and it has been proven that a person can develop a serious life threatening allergic reaction. As we all know, they take over entire yards, dotting it with their impressive mounds. You spray and spray, but they never go away.

Then we have the goofy Big Black Carpenter Ants, who seem to zig zag around in some bizarre ant dance. Out in the yard they can chew out the roots of your favorite bushes, or destroy a favorite old and charismatic tree in your yard. If they are infested inside your home, they have no doubt found wood members with high moisture and are making a problem far worse by chewing out and excavating components of your home’s very structure. They can be a problem in a crawlspace or even start in the walls or attics. And also like all ants, spray and kill individuals all you can but the problem will continue unabated.

But not to worry, not to fret!! Call us at Crown Pest Control and our trained and experienced technicians can fix up any ant problem you are having! We utilize proven pest technology to combat ants at a super organism level—that is, targeting the entire colony with our applications instead of killing individuals or chasing fire ant mounds from one spot of the yard to another. We have a special program to treat entire yards that GUARANTEES fire ants will be gone, zip-zero-zilch-for up to 6 months. Treated twice a year, they are gone forever and ever and ever. What a great idea!! Whatever the job takes, we are more than up to it. Sometimes we have to go into attics or crawlspaces to uncover their home bases and apply the material in all the right spots. It is a source of pride for ourselves to eliminate ant infestations quickly and professionally. So next time you see the ants trying to take over your home and property, give us at “704 843-7465Crown Pest Control a call and the ants will fall!!

Important Things to Know About Your Enemy: Termites

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Know Your Foe: Termites!
Kyle Harvey

Greetings everyone and for all of us in the greater Charlotte area, how about this weather! It has been a storybook spring so far: warm air, folks are quicker to smile, the flowers and trees are blooming (in particular the striking pink of the Eastern Redbud), bees and birds are flitting to and from, and baseball with our Charlotte Knights are right around the corner.

This is the busiest time of the year for us in the pest control industry and one of the biggest reasons is that along with the renewal and re-balancing of the season we also have our old friends the termite swarmers who time and again make their appearance stage right..left..center..in the cabinets…garage…out the wall…window…when the in laws are in town….and then are usually accompanied by shrieks of terror by homeowners everywhere.

Termites treatmentHere is the quick and dirty: Termites live and forage under our feet in the earth year round. It is during the dramatic weather change of spring and summertime that we see the winged swarmers emerge. Their big idea is too meet up and make some sweet termite whoopee–I wonder if they listen to some music first to set the mood, maybe the Beatles? Ow I know, sorry, anyways– all in the hopes to start up another generation of wood munchers. And if it just so happens that your home is available they will happily and cheerfully gobble away at your substructure and walls. It may cost you, on the other hand, thousands of dollars in repairs, if they have been undetected for a long time.

You will know it is a termite swarmer by observing these two characteristics: firstly, the body of the insect is very tiny, akin to a small black ant and they will have four very long wings. The wings will be much longer than the body of the swarmer and usually the wings will fall off soon after their emergence. Secondly you will most likely see dozens if not hundreds if not thousands of them and it will happen ALL AT ONCE AND FREAK THE UNKNOWING OUT.

But worry not good people!! Us old salty dogs of the pest industry at Crown Pest Control have seen and handled it all before when it comes to taking care of the termites. We know all the latest and time tested techniques for inspecting and locating termites before they ever become a problem. And should you be unlucky to have your property under siege we are on top of all the state regulations and proper procedures in termite elimination.

Here at Crown Pest Control we offer to the entire Charlotte metro area and surrounding:

• Proven ability to inspect and locate termites
• Professional knowledge and experience in eliminating termites
• An annual protection bond to protect you against future infestations and damages
• New Customer?? Sign up for our award winning pest protection plan and get a free termite inspection on your first service.

For termites or any of your pest prevention and elimination needs, call us at Crown Pest Control to set up a consultation with our staff and respond to your needs as soon and efficiently as possible.

Kyle Harvey

How Dangerous are Mosquito and Mosquito Bites

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Oh No, Mosquitoes!!
By: Kyle Harvey

Spring is in the air! We are all noticing it here in the greater Charlotte area. Everyone is ready for the warm air to finally settle in. The smell of springtime is unique and wonderful and watching the magnificent, beautiful trees, greenery and colorful flowers bloom is a soothing balm to life’s hurries and worries.

Unfortunately with this welcome change of the season, take warning. As time turns so do our old foes the mosquitoes rise again to bite, agitate, aggravate, infuriate and infect us. Here at Crown Pest Control our technicians are already beginning to see mosquitoes under decks, near piles of leaves, around structural foundations and in dense woodsy and vegetative areas. Unfortunately old man winter doesn’t kill the bugs as the eggs, laid well in advance the previous year, are programmed to hatch as soon as the time and temperature are right. Even if we get that late March icy blast there are millions of them under leaves and sticks, near water and heavy vegetation, trash and refuse—-all waiting to hatch.

Zika Virus

The threats that mosquitoes place upon us have never felt more real and defined. Obviously we all need to inform ourselves about the Zika Virus. While only 1 in 5 infected show symptoms those who do can develop a rash and suffer from lingering fatigue and a litany of disagreeables: feverish, nauseous, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and dizziness. If you experience any of this call your doctor. While unpleasant, most infections are manageable. However the link between Zika and the birth defect microcephaly is the most dangerous aspect of the virus. This threat to our unborn children demands our attention and compels us to find out how to prevent it.

Zika is known to be spread by two local species: first there is the yellow fever mosquito (aedes aegypti). Typically they are recognizable by a silvery white lyre shaped pattern of scales along their abdomen. Second there is the more common Asian tiger mosquito (aedes albopictus), which looks very similar, having black and white striped legs. Both varieties are daytime biters that prefer to attack you in the mornings and early evening as the sun sets. They will typically be found near human dwellings and will travel up too a few hundred yards away from breeding grounds. Even at nighttime under false exterior lighting you can get bitten by the bloodsuckers.

What you can do to protect yourself is assess your risk. Are you more prone to getting bit than others? Studies prove certain people are more likely targets. The smartest move is what nobody wants to hear as the days warm up: wear long sleeved clothes! If you can’t see yourself doing that, it’s a smart idea to spray yourself with an approved repellant containing at least 20% DEET, picaridin, or for an organic alternative, try something made with the oil of lemon-eucalyptus. Be smart about your yard and around your home. Eliminate any harborage areas such as old leave piles under bushes in the landscaping and around the home or under the deck. Inspect for any areas where water can puddle up and stay stagnant-whether it be a small hole in the yard, a depression in your grill cover, the interior of an old tire, flower pots, what-have-you. Get rid of what you can, fill in any holes, tidy up around outside, and monitor and dump out weekly anything you can’t stop from puddling up. Mosquitoes only need less than a half-inch of water to successfully breed, so vigilance is required.

We have been performing mosquito treatments for years at Crown Pest Control. Our technicians are trained to find the potential breeding sources and harborage areas on your property. We have the equipment to deliver the mosquito killing material around your home and yard, under decks, under shrubs and any other shady areas where they will hang out at during mid day. We also have a product that is 100% environmentally safe that we sprinkle in standing water, which disrupts the larval cycle of the pre adult mosquito, thus eliminating future generations in their incubation stages. Speaking of the environment, we understand the concern over pesticide application. That is why we make it a priority to offer both normal mosquito service as well as the alternative botanical pesticide service. This is the same great service that hits all those same spots but we use certified environmentally safe botanical materials. Our mosquito battle plan has us arriving monthly thru spring and summer to keep you and your family safe.  This is the time of year to prepare as the warmer weather arrives. Give us a call here at Crown Pest Control and you can check off the “mosquitoes eliminated” box on your list, so one less thing to worry over. Thanks and have a great day from all of us at Crown!

Of Mice and the Men who know how to get Rid of them!

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Of Mice and the Men who know how to get Rid of them!

Kyle Harvey

Mice—not much in the world of home, (and sanity), invading pests can be more disgusting than finding out you have some really bad mannered house guests. They break into your home at night while you sleep, run amok all over your counters and shelves, gorge themselves on all kinds of foods, and worst of all, they are not potty-trained. In my experience I have seen cases where a mouse invasion left unchecked and uncleaned has led to literally thousands of mouse droppings throughout the home. And what you cannot see is the urine which can leave an awful odor for you and yet also serves as a virtual road map for more and more and more mice to come streaming through your door.

Obviously, mice don’t knock on the front door asking to come in. When dealing with any type of pest invasion I will usually get asked, “Why are they invading my home?” My answer is always, “Where there is a will there is a way.” It is very typical for mice to begin invading homes during the colder months. Like you and me they enjoy the comforts of shelter and warmth and easy access to food and water. Your crawlspace is ground zero for a mouse invasion. It is common for them to follow sources of water such as your plumbing pipes up into the sub floor and walls and then make their way into your home via tiny openings in your woodwork and cabinetry you may not even be aware are there. Next thing you know, you wake up to make your morning cup of joe and FREAK OUT. Those ain’t large coffee grounds, partner!

When you clean up mouse droppings, make sure to spray them first with a simple ammonia and water mixture. This helps you in two ways: First, it wets the droppings so when you wipe them up you aren’t endangering yourself from accidentally breathing in any dust particulates from the droppings themselves. While exceedingly rare, cases have been reported where it has caused serious bacterial infections in people. Secondly, you are also wiping away all the scent trails, which will help to eliminate one part of the attraction formula. So wipe down the entire area where you suspect activity. Throw away all the food that you suspect has been ransacked.

The final step to taking care of this problem is to call Crown Pest Control Charlotte and we will get out there ASAP. If you live outside of our service area, please find yourself a qualified and competent exterminator. As a qualified pest control technician, my first task is to locate the source of entry. Once discovered, sealing up those spots is imperative, as well as placing traps and baits in key locations. Afterward I will make sure to let you know if there is anything to be done in terms of sealing up access to the crawlspace itself. Finally with a home properly sealed up underneath and the exterior professionally treated, you can rest assured that those disgusting poop-happy varmints will be gone in a flash. Little do the mice know that our will is stronger than their way!

What You Expect with the Cooler Weather

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What You Expect with the Cooler Weather

Fall Weather

Fall is finally upon us! And with the change of the seasons,you can expect to see changes in your pest activity. With the cooler temperatures outside, various insects and mice will be trying a lot harder to get inside. Lets face it, wouldn’t you rather be inside instead of out in the cold? Insects and mice prefer a warmer, more humid climate, and thanks to modern technology, our homes are as cozy to them as they are to us.

This is why our phones ring off the hook this time of year. Even if they have never noticed a pest problem before, people suddenly notice large palmetto bugs (roaches) and mice droppings inside their cabinets or on their floors. They appear to be coming out of the woodwork, literally!

A few things that you can do to prevent these intruders from entering you home is to make sure you doors are closed securely behind you when you come and go. Also check for gaps around your doors and windows.

When you see this happening, it’s time to call Crown Pest Control to come to the rescue. Unfortunately, even if you don’t currently see a problem, unless your home is currently being protected with pest control services, chances are you may still have a problem. Here at Crown Pest Control, we take care of your unwanted guests so that you can entertain your invited guests this holiday season with confidence

How to Control Moisture at Home

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How to Control Moisture at Home

Controlling moisture is an imperative step in eliminating damage from insects and pests in your home. Specialists at Crown Pest Control can analyze and identify the exact cause of moisture in your foundation and make adequate recommendations and repairs that are required to keep your home moisture-free. Depending on the problem in your foundation, we offer a slew of moisture control and barrier services. Below are some of them

  • Installation of moisture barrier in crawlspaces causes soil moisture to condense on the underside of the barrier and return to the soil, thus reducing condensation on flooring.
  • Foundation ventilation to preserve your home’s wood foundation and sub flooring. Foundation vents are an effective way to allow air to circulate throughout a basement or crawlspace, thereby preventing moisture from building up.
  • A good-quality dehumidifier with a constant air flow to replace humid air with low humidity air.
  • Vapor barrier in crawlspaces to reduce moisture and gases entering from evaporation and diffusion through floors, foundations or poured walls.
  • Application of Borates, an odorless liquid, to all exposed wood in the crawl spaces to prevent future wood-decay fungal growth.

It’s true – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is especially true when it comes to protecting your home. Besides keeping the bugs out, we can prevent the moisture as well.

Feel free to contact Crown Pest Control to add another layer of protection to your property and let us show you how we can help.

How to Enjoy Mosquito Free Homes

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How to Enjoy Mosquito Free Homes & Surroundings

In addition to taking professional mosquito control services by Crown Pest, you can follow a few simple measures to keep mosquitoes at bay and to reduce the level of nuisance being experienced by these small insects.

• Eliminate standing water: Empty out plant saucers, kids’ plastic toys, wagons or any other objects that capture water.
• Clean gutters to prevent standing water from accumulating.
• Protect tree holes: Consult a professional arborist about safe methods to fill tree holes.
• Change water in bird baths at regular intervals – once or twice weekly.
• Standing water can be circulated by adding a fountain.
• Run filter in swimming pools’ water the recommended number of times.
• Use insect repellent on exposed skin when outdoors.
• Keep your arms and legs covered at dusk.
• Wear light-colored, full-sleeved and long-legged clothes in summer, when out.
• Keep windows and doors shut from dawn to dusk to avoid mosquitoes from entering your home.
• Use mosquito coils around your patio area.
• If you are in areas surrounded by mosquitoes, leave that area immediately.

Contact Pest Control to help you to reclaim your yard.

How to Get Rid of Termites

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Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Presence of any winged termites indoors (you may discover termites’ on the ground and/or their discarded wings)
  • Winged termites are attracted to light; so, they may often be seen around doors and windows
  • Earthen (mud) tubes on foundation walls, floor joints, sill plates, etc.
  • Ripples or sunken traces behind wall coverings
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Cracked or bubbling paint, etc.

There are instances where there are no visible indications of termite infestation. Confirmation often requires the keen eye of an experienced termite inspector. If you suspect any potential infestation in your home, call us to check if it is a termite issue and whether it is active.

Termite Swarmers

How to combat Termites

Crown Pest Control is your trusted partner for all your termite-related issues. With our latest and most effective termite defense products, you can have your peace of mind. Our specialists undergo rigorous training with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. They are experienced and qualified to assess your unique situation, to identify the root of the problem and to prescribe the right treatment option for you coupled with maximum protection and minimum inconvenience. Be it hammer drills, sub slab injectors, rodding devices, termite baiting or soil-applied liquid termiticides. Our highly-trained specialists are capable of dealing with your problem in the most efficient way, customized to your individual needs.

For the best termite protection, schedule a termite inspection by our staff today!