How to Enjoy Mosquito Free Homes

How to Enjoy Mosquito Free Homes & Surroundings

In addition to taking professional mosquito control services by Crown Pest, you can follow a few simple measures to keep mosquitoes at bay and to reduce the level of nuisance being experienced by these small insects.

• Eliminate standing water: Empty out plant saucers, kids’ plastic toys, wagons or any other objects that capture water.
• Clean gutters to prevent standing water from accumulating.
• Protect tree holes: Consult a professional arborist about safe methods to fill tree holes.
• Change water in bird baths at regular intervals – once or twice weekly.
• Standing water can be circulated by adding a fountain.
• Run filter in swimming pools’ water the recommended number of times.
• Use insect repellent on exposed skin when outdoors.
• Keep your arms and legs covered at dusk.
• Wear light-colored, full-sleeved and long-legged clothes in summer, when out.
• Keep windows and doors shut from dawn to dusk to avoid mosquitoes from entering your home.
• Use mosquito coils around your patio area.
• If you are in areas surrounded by mosquitoes, leave that area immediately.

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