Of Mice and the Men who know how to get Rid of them!

By February 25, 2016Mice, Moisture Control

Of Mice and the Men who know how to get Rid of them!

Kyle Harvey

Mice—not much in the world of home, (and sanity), invading pests can be more disgusting than finding out you have some really bad mannered house guests. They break into your home at night while you sleep, run amok all over your counters and shelves, gorge themselves on all kinds of foods, and worst of all, they are not potty-trained. In my experience I have seen cases where a mouse invasion left unchecked and uncleaned has led to literally thousands of mouse droppings throughout the home. And what you cannot see is the urine which can leave an awful odor for you and yet also serves as a virtual road map for more and more and more mice to come streaming through your door.

Obviously, mice don’t knock on the front door asking to come in. When dealing with any type of pest invasion I will usually get asked, “Why are they invading my home?” My answer is always, “Where there is a will there is a way.” It is very typical for mice to begin invading homes during the colder months. Like you and me they enjoy the comforts of shelter and warmth and easy access to food and water. Your crawlspace is ground zero for a mouse invasion. It is common for them to follow sources of water such as your plumbing pipes up into the sub floor and walls and then make their way into your home via tiny openings in your woodwork and cabinetry you may not even be aware are there. Next thing you know, you wake up to make your morning cup of joe and FREAK OUT. Those ain’t large coffee grounds, partner!

When you clean up mouse droppings, make sure to spray them first with a simple ammonia and water mixture. This helps you in two ways: First, it wets the droppings so when you wipe them up you aren’t endangering yourself from accidentally breathing in any dust particulates from the droppings themselves. While exceedingly rare, cases have been reported where it has caused serious bacterial infections in people. Secondly, you are also wiping away all the scent trails, which will help to eliminate one part of the attraction formula. So wipe down the entire area where you suspect activity. Throw away all the food that you suspect has been ransacked.

The final step to taking care of this problem is to call Crown Pest Control Charlotte and we will get out there ASAP. If you live outside of our service area, please find yourself a qualified and competent exterminator. As a qualified pest control technician, my first task is to locate the source of entry. Once discovered, sealing up those spots is imperative, as well as placing traps and baits in key locations. Afterward I will make sure to let you know if there is anything to be done in terms of sealing up access to the crawlspace itself. Finally with a home properly sealed up underneath and the exterior professionally treated, you can rest assured that those disgusting poop-happy varmints will be gone in a flash. Little do the mice know that our will is stronger than their way!