Important Things to Know About Your Enemy: Termites

Know Your Foe: Termites!
Kyle Harvey

Greetings everyone and for all of us in the greater Charlotte area, how about this weather! It has been a storybook spring so far: warm air, folks are quicker to smile, the flowers and trees are blooming (in particular the striking pink of the Eastern Redbud), bees and birds are flitting to and from, and baseball with our Charlotte Knights are right around the corner.

This is the busiest time of the year for us in the pest control industry and one of the biggest reasons is that along with the renewal and re-balancing of the season we also have our old friends the termite swarmers who time and again make their appearance stage the cabinets…garage…out the wall…window…when the in laws are in town….and then are usually accompanied by shrieks of terror by homeowners everywhere.

Termites treatmentHere is the quick and dirty: Termites live and forage under our feet in the earth year round. It is during the dramatic weather change of spring and summertime that we see the winged swarmers emerge. Their big idea is too meet up and make some sweet termite whoopee–I wonder if they listen to some music first to set the mood, maybe the Beatles? Ow I know, sorry, anyways– all in the hopes to start up another generation of wood munchers. And if it just so happens that your home is available they will happily and cheerfully gobble away at your substructure and walls. It may cost you, on the other hand, thousands of dollars in repairs, if they have been undetected for a long time.

You will know it is a termite swarmer by observing these two characteristics: firstly, the body of the insect is very tiny, akin to a small black ant and they will have four very long wings. The wings will be much longer than the body of the swarmer and usually the wings will fall off soon after their emergence. Secondly you will most likely see dozens if not hundreds if not thousands of them and it will happen ALL AT ONCE AND FREAK THE UNKNOWING OUT.

But worry not good people!! Us old salty dogs of the pest industry at Crown Pest Control have seen and handled it all before when it comes to taking care of the termites. We know all the latest and time tested techniques for inspecting and locating termites before they ever become a problem. And should you be unlucky to have your property under siege we are on top of all the state regulations and proper procedures in termite elimination.

Here at Crown Pest Control we offer to the entire Charlotte metro area and surrounding:

• Proven ability to inspect and locate termites
• Professional knowledge and experience in eliminating termites
• An annual protection bond to protect you against future infestations and damages
• New Customer?? Sign up for our award winning pest protection plan and get a free termite inspection on your first service.

For termites or any of your pest prevention and elimination needs, call us at Crown Pest Control to set up a consultation with our staff and respond to your needs as soon and efficiently as possible.

Kyle Harvey