Mosquitoes – More than an Annoyance

Mosquitoes are biting flies that are also known as gnats.They can be an annoying nuisance, especially in the summer months. It’s not just the mosquito stings that people dread, mosquitoes are also transmitters of horrific diseases; their bites resulting in malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, yellow fever and other diseases. Although there are preventive medicines for malaria, there aren’t any vaccines available for most mosquito-borne diseases in the U.S. You may think of controlling mosquito breeding, however, it is not always easy.

Mosquitoes can fly long distances to feed and in many instances, there may be a pool of stagnant water 100 meters away that may be the source of the problem. Therefore, besides taking preventive measures to protect you and your family from mosquito bites, a professional mosquito control service is extremely essential.

Expert Mosquito Control by Crown Pest in Charlotte NC

If mosquitoes are the reason why you cannot enjoy your backyard, allow Crown pest Control to size up a customized package to meet your needs. Whether you prefer a repellent or a pesticide, our expert mosquito control professionals can bring you the best solutions to keep mosquitoes from entering your premises.

We offer environmental, human, and pet friendly treatment. We also specialize in periodic treatments to keep mosquitoes away. Our comprehensive mosquito treatments break the mosquito life cycle, prevent them from further breeding and keep these disease-carrying pests out of your life, season long.

Isn’t it time to enjoy a night of grilling without being someone else’s dinner?

Contact our pest exterminators to help you to reclaim your yard.

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