What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is produced by uranium and radium decomposition in the soil as a result of any glacial activity in a particular region and/or other reasons. Radioactive minerals get deposited in the soil or upper crust and slowly Radon being a gas (odorless and invisible), seeps into buildings.

What are the Health Effects of Radon?

Radon is very harmful to humans when inhaled. Exposure to radon causes cellular damage that can eventually lead to lung cancer when radon strikes living tissues in the lungs. As a matter of fact, radon is the first leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer overall.

How to Have Radon-Free Home with Crown Pest

If your home has not yet been tested for radon, get an appointment scheduled with Crown Pest Control. Our extensively-trained radon technicians will conduct an inspection to see if any traces of radon are present in your home but will also pull out radon from within your home and expel it outside. Testing is the only way to check radon levels in your property. All our tests are performed as per EPA requirements. Get your home tested today. Better to be safe, than sorry!

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