Realtors Pest Control Services

Realtor Pest Control Services

Crown Pest Control understands the demanding issues you face as a realtor. That’s why we provide a wide array of professional pest control services including Wood Destroying Infestation Reports (WDIRs) and Radon testing so that you can complete your transactions without any difficulties, hassles, delays and unexpected glitches. Crown Pest has been successfully serving the Greater Charlotte Metropolitan Area (NC) real estate industry for almost three decades. With our qualified staff and advanced technology to inspect your property and to eliminate pests out of your property, we guarantee to minimize your stress associated with building and real estate closings. Whether you are a buyer, seller or a realtor, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble by getting WDIR inspection and radon testing report.

Wood Destroying Infestation Reports (WDIRs)

WDIRs are one of the essentials required to buy, sell or refinance a property. They are also referred to as a “clearance letter” or a “termite letter”.Wood destroying organisms like termites, wood-destroying beetles, fungi and even moisture conditions conducive to infestation can have a very bad impact on the structural integrity of a building and can greatly reduce your property’s value, causing you significant amount of loss. You cannot afford to put such a large investment at stake.

Secure the Value of your Property with Crown Pest

Your search for a reliable and reputable pest inspection provider ends here. Crown Pest is one of the leaders in WDIRs and Radon testing. Our team of inspectors is adept at analyzing your property of any past, present and future infestations, and providing you the most accurate WDI reports and radon testing in accordance with the latest EPA requirements. Often, some of the best inspectors fail to see through inaccessible areas. With Crown Pest, you are assured of a careful inspection that protects you of any potential liability from a poor inspection and gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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