Spider Control – BY Kyle Harvey

Spider Control

BY Kyle Harvey

A hearty hello from your local pest management professionals here at Crown Pest Control! You have to love this hot summer weather and all the good vibes that it brings. On the other hand: billions and billions of bugs everywhere. Well, it only makes sense that as the summertime energizes the insect world into full swing we also start to see nature’s own web slinging insect avengers, the spiders.

While not part of a dynamite superhero team nor dressed in a snazzy costume, spiders are for the most part extremely beneficial bugs. In a way they act as crowd control on the insect world, never letting things get out of hand, or web, so to speak. We do have reasons to fear them in our part of the world, namely the frighteningly named Black Widow and the even more deadly Brown Recluse. However please keep in mind that verified Brown Recluse spider sightings here in Charlotte have been extremely rare. That particular spider is just not naturally native to this area, fortunately for us. Black Widows however are relatively common. They will stay low to the ground in natural clutter such as old wood piles or often we find them under vinyl siding or in dark corners of garages. The bites can be very painful, although there have not been any fatal bites. While other spiders may resemble a Black Widow in body shape, they are not the same spider and pose no threat. A Black Widow will always always always be shiny black with bright red markings, sometimes racing stripes, sometimes dots in arrangement, and often in the well known hourglass shape.

It is very common at homes that have a lot of traditional harborages for a plethora of insects on the outside of the home will be natural locations for spiders to set up shop. They are very intelligent and will look to put their webs near trees and bushes, light fixtures, and just about anywhere that bugs will be traveling across or be attracted to. One of the main benefits of a solid pest control program is that by our targeted applications for the insects and integrated pest management recommendations for homeowners will in turn yield a high drop off rate of the occurrence of spider webs and spider intrusion into the home.

Beyond traditional insect control, we also focus on mechanical take down of unsightly spider webs as high as our dewebbing poles will extend and in some cases an application of botanical products will greatly help to see an immediate reduction in spider populations. One aspect that makes spider control more challenging is that unlike traditional insect behavior, spiders will not groom themselves and thus the potential of the pesticides residual ability to enter the insects body is reduced. However the application of botanical products provides out technicians with some of nature’s own arsenal in spider and insect repellance and elimination: essential oils such as cedar, rosemary, lemonpepper, etc. Spiders simply can’t stand the stink and will move on to a different location.

If it is spiders you are having problems with or other any other kind of insect pest, call us at Crown Pest Control to set up a service with one of our experienced technicians to handle any and all buggy situations. Thanks and have a great summer! Stay cool and take care!