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Termite life cycle in charlotte nc

Termites can wreak havoc to your property. Termites need both wood and water to keep subterranean colonies alive. Termite colonies can be hundreds of feet from the home, deep beneath the ground. These ubiquitous pests can invade almost any structure in the greater Charlotte area, where the environment is especially attractive to them. Regardless of the construction type, any home with warmth, moisture and food can be an ideal place for a termite attack. Left untreated, termites can literally eat up your home’s entire equity. As per National Pest Management Association, termites cause over 5 billion dollars’ w

orth of damage a year, much more than fire and flooding combined and most insurance companies don’t cover this damage.

Here in Charlotte, NC and nearby surrounding areas, we primarily have what is called the Eastern Subterranean Termite that lives in the ground. Manypeople refer to them as the silent destroyer since they are able to enter a structure and cause a serious amount of damage without you even knowing it. That is why it is so important to get a thorough termite inspection by an experienced inspector that knows the signs of termites. No structure is immune – especially here in North Carolina.

Alert: Termite Swarmers in Charlotte NC

Typically at the beginning of the year here in Charlotte NC we are especially susceptible to termite infestations. This year, however, we have already had an unprecedented amount of serious cases of termite and termite swarmers.

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What are termite swarmers? Termite swarmers are a winged termite that has the main responsibility to locate additional areas for colony expansion, possibly another portion of your house.  If you are seeing termite swarmers in or around your home you need to call us ASAP at 704-843-7465 as this typically means you have already been housing a large termite colony for years. Calling us immediately will help mitigate any additional structural damage and prevent anymore colonies from popping up.

Termite Control by Crown Pest

Crown Pest Control is your trusted partner for all your termite-related issued. With our latest and effective termite defense products, you are sure to have your peace of mind. We undergo rigorous training with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. We are experienced and qualified to access your unique situation, to identify the root of the problem and to prescribe the right treatment option for you coupled with maximum protection and minimum inconvenience. Be it hammer drills, sub slab injectors, rodding devices, termite baiting or soil-applied liquid termiticides and non-repellent liquid products, our highly-trained specialists are capable to deal with your problem in the most efficient way, customized to your individual needs.

For the best termite control treatment and protection, schedule a termite inspection by our staff today or call 704-843-7465

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