How to Get Rid of Freaking Ants in the House

Kyle Harvey

Hey folks, one proven way to know it is the spring and summer is when you step out on your deck to enjoy the wonderful weather and gaze upon your awesome yard in your sweet neighborhood and what do you see in this glorious time of year? FREAKING LOTS OF ANTS. OK, maybe you don’t, but trust me, in the trees and bushes and hiding under pine needles and landscaping around your home there indeed are FREAKING LOTS OF ANTS.

First off we see our super duper friends the teensy tiny Black Ants are marching one behind another across your yard and landscaping and up they go right into your home! Wait…you mean they aren’t your super duper friends? Yeah they really act like it though don’t they? Getting all over your kitchens and bathrooms, poking their antenna into all your food. And never once do they contribute to the grocery bill or rent, what the heck! Jerks. Your finger of doom and can of raid smashes and blasts the ones in your home to oblivion, and their reply? They respond with 20 more for every 1 you kill is about the correct ratio I have noticed.

Next let’s say you go out to enjoy your freshly mowed yard, playing catch with junior–and next thing you know, your leg is on fire, or worse, your children are getting eaten up…by the venomous and super aggressive fire ants! Get attacked and stung too often and it has been proven that a person can develop a serious life threatening allergic reaction. As we all know, they take over entire yards, dotting it with their impressive mounds. You spray and spray, but they never go away.

Then we have the goofy Big Black Carpenter Ants, who seem to zig zag around in some bizarre ant dance. Out in the yard they can chew out the roots of your favorite bushes, or destroy a favorite old and charismatic tree in your yard. If they are infested inside your home, they have no doubt found wood members with high moisture and are making a problem far worse by chewing out and excavating components of your home’s very structure. They can be a problem in a crawlspace or even start in the walls or attics. And also like all ants, spray and kill individuals all you can but the problem will continue unabated.

But not to worry, not to fret!! Call us at Crown Pest Control and our trained and experienced technicians can fix up any ant problem you are having! We utilize proven pest technology to combat ants at a super organism level—that is, targeting the entire colony with our applications instead of killing individuals or chasing fire ant mounds from one spot of the yard to another. We have a special program to treat entire yards that GUARANTEES fire ants will be gone, zip-zero-zilch-for up to 6 months. Treated twice a year, they are gone forever and ever and ever. What a great idea!! Whatever the job takes, we are more than up to it. Sometimes we have to go into attics or crawlspaces to uncover their home bases and apply the material in all the right spots. It is a source of pride for ourselves to eliminate ant infestations quickly and professionally. So next time you see the ants trying to take over your home and property, give us at “704 843-7465Crown Pest Control a call and the ants will fall!!